Muckleshoot Child Care Development Fund

CCDF Program Manager
15599 SE 376TH ST
Auburn, WA 98092

CCDF- The Childcare Development Fund is a federally funded program dedicated to increasing the availability and quality of care available for Native American families. Funding is available for qualified low-income families with children under the age of 13 years who are working, or attending an educational or training program. Childcare and/ or respite care is available for foster children or those in need of protective services.

The CCDF Program provides each parent/caregiver with involvement and decision-making by giving them ultimate decision regarding care for their child/ren. The parent has the choice of receiving center-based or in-home childcare services.

Center-based childcare providers must follow federal and state standards for providing care. In-home childcare providers must follow tribal standards established by the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe. Services for providers include health and background screening, in-home safety check, home visits, childcare training and parenting workshops. The program offers trainings that focus on health and safety, child development, child abuse prevention and reporting, first aid/first response, and choking preventions. The CCDF Program provides opportunities for professional development and networking with other child care providers within the community.

The program can assist providers with meeting federal, state, or tribal requirements with purchasing toys, activities, and materials that are safe and age appropriate for the various developmental stages of the children in the providers care. Other resources available are smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other safety items to ensure that we provide the healthiest and safest environment for our children.

Eligibility Requirements: income must not exceed 85% of Tribal Median Income (follow King County HUD guidelines to determine), parent/s or child/ren must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe.

In-Home Childcare/Tax Fund- The Tax Fund Program is dedicated to enhancing the quality and availability of childcare for Muckleshoot families. Tribal funds are appropriated to assist eligible low-income families in accessing quality childcare while parents work or participate in education or training.

The CCDF and In-Home Childcare/Tax Fund Programs pay each provider every two weeks. It is the provider's and parent's responsibility to make sure that timesheets are turned in on time and are accurate before turning in. If care exceeds the maximum hours allowable per week; it is the parent's responsibility to pay the extended costs of childcare.

If you are interested in applying for the CCDF or In-Home Childcare/Tax Fund programs or would like to become a provider please contact the CCDF Program at (253) 876-3056.