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Child Care Development Fund
Page last updated:
November 14, 2023
November 14, 2023

Muckleshoot Early Childhood Education Center

15532 SE 376th St

Auburn, WA 98092


Program Overview

The Muckleshoot Child Care Development Fund Program is a federal block grant the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe receives to assist low income Native American families with childcare costs and to increase the quality of child care services.

Services Provided

Family Eligibility

  • Income must be collected to establish a copay, but no longer is utilized for eligibility. Any native child is eligible for childcare assistance in the established service area.
  • Live within the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF)’s identified service area; 30-mile radius from Tribal administration. Families residing within Pierce County, Federal Way and north of Interstate 90 may be referred to their primary Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) program; Puyallup or Snoqualmie for initial eligibility determination.
  • Child is an enrolled member of a federally recognized Indian Tribe or verified descendant going one generation back; biological parent must be enrolled in a federally recognized Tribe.
  • Parent/ guardian(s) must be working, going to school, or attending a training program.

*Respite care is available for:

  • Children involved with or placed outside of the home by State Child Protective Services- Indian Child Welfare or
  • Children involved with or placed outside of the home by the Muckleshoot Child & Family Services
  • And children needing specialized or high needs care with developmental delays or disabilities that adversely affect their ability to care for self or requires a high level of supervision.

*Respite Care, up to 576 hours per eligibility period (parent/ guardian/ custodial placement does not have to be involved in work, training or education program).

Eligibility for Services

Outlook for 2023

  • Fill the new Infant/ Toddler Child Care Center to capacity.
  • Enhance quality activities with more provider interaction, training and communication with the support of the Family Engagement/Child Monitoring Specialist.

Highlights of 2022

    • Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Infant and Toddler program continues to serve 24 infants, toddlers, and two year olds.
    • Childcare Development Fund (CCDF) moved the program towards Categorical Eligible. All native families are eligible to receive childcare through Child Care Development Fund Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) if they reside within the identified service area.
    • Successfully hosted a visit from the Director of the Office of Childcare, Dr. Ruth Friedman and the Interim Director of the Office of Head Start, Katie Hamm. We provided a tour of our early childhood programs, both the Muckleshoot Early Learning Academy (MELA) Head Start and Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Infant and toddler programs.
    • Increased provider rates for licensed care and Tribally operated centers for all ages.
    • Licensed care and Tribally certified home providers’ reimbursement for child enrollment rather than attendance days.
    • Continue to provide monthly COVID-19 health and safety kits to all at home providers.
    • Provided Zono Cabinets or Electrostatic sprayers to childcare centers, Tribally operated centers, and home providers according to their preference.
    • Increased enrollment to 256 children applying for child care assistance.
    • Family copayments waived during the pandemic.

    In 2022, Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) served at least 145 families and approximately 256 children; Muckleshoot and other Tribes. This is 90 more children than 2021.

    Quality activities for the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Program included:

    • First Aid/ CPR training for providers and families,
    • Distribution of Health & Safety supplies to providers
    • Distribution of Activities Kits to providers; spring, summer, and winter
    • Distribution of Cold Kits to providers
    • Online professional development for Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Providers
    • Bonuses to providers that complete online courses/certificates
    • Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) staff development CIRCLE Training, Infant and Toddler Foundations for learning, First Aid, CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens, Communication, etc.
    • Monthly Newsletters for the at home providers, including family friends and neighbors.
    • Annual field trips for providers and families including Summer movies, Christmas Movie marathons, visits to the pumpkin patch and Holiday Magic at the Washington State Fair.

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