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May 24, 2023
May 24, 2023
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Program outcomes: Students earning a doctorate in Education Leadership with a specialization in Indigenous Studies.

Total number of students: 15 (Fall Qtr 2021, 10 students)

Who are the students: 1 Muckleshoot, 6 Native, 1 Indigenous to Mexico, and 2 non-Native, but working in Tribal communities.

Academic Standing: Everyone is passing.

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Highlights of 2022

Students are currently working on their Community Grounded Praxis which revolves around taking action to better their communities. In May 2021, we received approval for the Indigenous Knowledge and Community-Centered Engagement certificate. Its purpose is: “In the Muckleshoot cohort of the Ed.D. program, each student will provide an oral knowledge connection to their community-grounded praxis project and demonstrate how this oral knowledge connects intergenerational knowledge generation and community preservation. It can include interviews or snippets of stories from Elders, tribal leaders (this is a broadened context) and youth.” We received funding from the University of Washington Tacoma Office of Community Partnerships to provide the funding to provide the certificate to Muckleshoot doctoral cohort student.

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