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May 24, 2023
May 24, 2023
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Program Overview

The Curriculum and Instruction program is dedicated to ensuring that culture and language is centered throughout our educational system which includes each educational program, throughout each day, and within each subject. Through intentional collaboration and co-development practices we strive to thoughtfully and intentionally support and strengthen efforts to Indigenize oureducational system from birth through adult and higher education.

Services Provided

Our multifaceted work creates a holistic and intentional system of curriculum, training, and support ensuring high quality, appropriate, and accurate content development and implementation supports. This includes co-developing Muckleshoot culturally centered curriculum and educational resources, conducting classroom observations, organizing and implementing hands-on activities and field trips, and planning, coordinating, and facilitating staff trainings. The Curriculum and Instruction’s programming and services are currently offered to the Muckleshoot Early Learning Academy to 12th grade, with plans of expanding to birth to three and adult and higher education. This work is referred to as siʔiʔab gʷədᶻadad (Honorable Teachings).

Eligibility for Services

Outlook for 2023

Continue co-developing curriculum and offering intentional and holistic staff support to support and strengthen efforts to Indigenize our educational system from birth through adult and higher education.

Highlights of 2022

Through intentional and continued collaboration with a sizable co-development group consisting of Tribal members, community members, educational leadership, language and culture staff, teachers and mental health staff, the Curriculum and Instruction program co-developed and completed the K-12 Plant Teachings for Supporting Social and Emotional Skills during the 2021-2022 school year. In the project’s third year, we continue to refine and strengthen the curriculum by:

  • Expanding the curriculum to include Muckleshoot Early Childhood Education.
  • Curriculum developer and ECE curriculum coordinators monthly meetings to support Plant Teachings implementation and brainstorm field trip and hands-on activity ideas.
  • Working with a graphic designer to develop branding and educational images for all educational resources to support learning and ensure accurate representation. This included posters and educational resources to support learning and the social and emotional wellbeing of students in their classroom environment.
  • Distributed Indigenized educational materials, posters, and classroom resource kits that support students’ wellbeing to K-12 teachers and foster a safe, relevant, and supportive classroom environment.
  • Co-developed an Indigenized and culturally responsive observation rubric.
  • Providing weekly elementary and secondary classroom observations to observe teacher practices and curriculum implementation in order to provide tailored support and feedback to teachers using an Indigenized and culturally-responsive rubric.


• Provided week-long training in August followed by monthly full day trainings to K-12 teachers.

  • Guest speakers and facilitators include; Tribal members, community members, Curriculum and Instruction Team, and Muckleshoot Indian Tribe staff, and outside collaborators.
  • A consistent and guided time by Dr. Jenni Conrad, to support teachers to reflect, decolonize, and Indigenize their teaching practice.
  • Language cards implemented that were co-developed with the Muckleshoot Culture Department and Muckleshoot Language Department.
  • Land-based activities around the plant and cultural topics.
  • Reflecting and discussing ways to Indigenize and decolonize classrooms.

• Developed a planning binder to support teacher and staff planning, collaboration, and implementation.

  • Offered collaborative team planning time into all K-12 trainings
  • Offered time to reflect on previous goals and set new goals.
  • Offered Muckleshoot Language cards to increase language implementation.

• Presented at the Effective Teaching Institute on Indigenizing and decolonizing education.

• Expand curriculum development and support services to birth to three and adult and higher education.

• Continue to research, plan, and co-develop a Water unit that is Muckleshoot culturally centered.

• Continue to strengthen the haytxʷ ʔəsq̓̌ ʷuʔ (Learning Together) project.

Crystal Mountain Project

  • The Curriculum and Instruction program partnered with the Muckleshoot Behavioral Health Department to provide Land-based educational programming to Muckleshoot Tribal School secondary students.
  • Program included a pre-teach that extended and reinforced the Plant Teachings for Growing Social and Emotional content and teachings as well as land-based science lessons for 5th grade and 8th grade classes.

haytxʷ ʔəsq̓̌ ʷuʔ (Learning Together) Project

  • Contracted a Muckleshoot Tribal Member to lead the planning and facilitating of this project.
  • Modified the Muckleshoot Tribal School (MTS) Project Based Learning (PBL) days from 2021-2022 to include more facilitated stations that offer culturally-relevant learning opportunities for students and families for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Renamed Muckleshoot Tribal School (MTS) Project Based Learning (PBL) to haytxʷ ʔəsq̓̌ ʷuʔ (Learning Together) through a collaboration with the Muckleshoot Language Department.
  • Created a year-long curriculum to support student learning and implement opportunities for students to demonstrate learning through a final project at the end of the school year.

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