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Emergency Funds
Page last updated:
November 14, 2023
November 14, 2023

Program Overview

Emergency Funds are $1,500 per Muckleshoot Household

Only complete Emergency Applications will be accepted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have a W-9 form filled out from the landlord or vendor. The W-9 form must be filled out with the tax ID number, name, and address that the landlord/vendor submits to the IRS.

This Program is Centralized Income Based (valid for 180-days)

Applicants must fill out an Income Updated Application

  • Applicant’s ages 18-49 must update every 6 months
  • Applicants 50 and up must update yearly
  • Only complete Income Updates will be accepted;
  • Must provide a current Utility bill for proof of address
  • Must provide a current pay stub for income verification

Services Provided

Rent or Mortgage Assistance

  • Rental units: a living unit that has its own separate kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  • Funds can be utilized to pay three months, up to$1,500 of rent or mortgage to keep payment current
  • Only available for use on rental units with the lease in the applicants or co applicants name
  • Payments will NOT be made to immediate family members for a rented room

Homeowner’s Rental Insurance Assistance

  • The Houses rented/owned by tribal members with a household income less than 100% of King County Median Income as established each year by HUD
  • One year’s worth of homeowner’s/Rental Insurance premium

Short Term Medical

  • The patient must be tribal member or an immediate family member such as: husband, wife, children, step-children, grandchildren, grandparents, brother, sister, and tribal member foster children
  • Gas Vouchers based on distance to be traveled
  • Member must be admitted to a surgical hospital or temporary inpatient medical or treatment facility
  • Letter from Medical provider stating date and time of appointment

Utilities Assistance

  • This includes deposits
  • Electricity or fuel for heating, lighting, or cooking
  • Water and Sewer
  • Basic landline telephone service

Home Repair Assistance

  • Applicant will need to explain why the assistance is needed to promote the member’s health and safety
  • Repair or replacement of major household appliances (stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, water, heater, furnace, air conditioner, or microwave)
  • *** Must provide a document that current appliance cannot be repaired***
  • Repair of the home that needs to be waterproof or weather proof
  • Household items such as: furniture, bed, kitchen items, and bathroom items

Transportation Assistance

  • Liability Insurance of automobile only
  • Emergency auto repairs (completed by certified mechanic)
  • Vehicle Maintenance (oil chance)

Emergency Food Purchase

  • Funding is only available for use during a natural disaster that lasts longer than 72 hours.
  • $200 may be used for food per event through Purchase Orders to approved vendors

In the event of a Muckleshoot Tribal Member’s death and they are the head of household

  • Bills must be dated within 45 days
  • May be used to pay final bills for the household within the Resource Guidelines payment

Wild Game (traditional foods) purchase for tribal member households

  • Meat must be purchased from a certified butcher’s locker
  • Wild game cut and wrap

Eligibility for Services

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