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Early Learning Academy
Page last updated:
November 14, 2023
November 14, 2023
Program Lead(s)
Patty Eningowuk

Muckleshoot Early Childhood Education Center

15532 SE 376th St

Auburn, WA 98092


Program Overview

The Early Learning Academy program delivers services for children and their families in the core areas of early learning, health, nutrition, safety and family well-being while engaging parents as the first educators for their children every step of the way.

Services Provided

  • Head Start services provide comprehensive educational services for 98 children and their families in seven center-based classroom settings; five classrooms at (MELA) and two classrooms at the Muckleshoot Child Development Center (MCDC).
  • Partner with the Muckleshoot Tribal Health Clinic to support all children in maintaining a well-child exam, updated immunizations and dental exams.
  • Partner with families to identify family goals and link all families to community resources to support them in meeting their family goals.
  • Provide effective transition approaches from birth to three transition to Head Start and Head Start transition to kindergarten.
  • Provide daily nutritional meals to support healthy eating habits and include traditional foods such as elk, berries and salmon.

Eligibility for Services

Outlook for 2023

  • Encourage additional family engagement in the annual School Readiness Advisory with intentional focus on Head Start School Readiness goals.
  • Review and revise the current school readiness goals.
  • Develop new program goals for the upcoming new five-year project period with the Office of Head Start.
  • Full implementation of the comprehensive Coaching and Mentoring cycle to support all classroom staff in using strategic approaches that will ensure developmental growth for all children.
  • Pyramid Training for all classroom and Support Services staff.
  • Increase child engagement activities to connect with the land, plants and trees.
  • Identify two staff to participate in the Play Project Consultant Certification program. The program fully prepares early learning professionals to provide developmental, relationship based model with high fidelity to family of young children with autism and other developmental delays.

Highlights of 2022

  • Successful collaboration with Muckleshoot Tribal School (MTS) staff to support the transition to kindergarten for 57 students. This collaboration includes the sharing and analysis data of iReady from Muckleshoot Tribal School (MTS) and Teaching Strategies Gold assessments from Muckleshoot Head Start.
  • Hosted the first annual School Readiness Collaboration Advisory meeting with Muckleshoot Tribal School, Auburn School District and Enumclaw School District staff in attendance.
  • Hosted two Kindergarten transition meetings with Head Start administrative and classroom staff and Muckleshoot Tribal School (MTS) administrative and classroom staff.
  • Facilitation of monthly Ready Rosie family workshops to support families to enhance parenting skills.
  • Received funding for renewal of the Head Start Program grant in the amount of $950,664.
  • Implemented an attendance initiative in partnership with Muckleshoot Tribal School. Children with 90-100% attendance had the opportunity to win gift baskets.
  • 2021-2022 graduation ceremony took place at the Muckleshoot Events Center. All children wore cedar head bands and graduation gowns. The children sang two Muckleshoot language songs; “Come in my Friends”, “Come in my Relatives” and “I am Alive and Strong”.
  • Muckleshoot Early Learning Academy (MELA) and Muckleshoot Child Development Center (MCDC) hosted dental clinics in their centers.
  • The Family Engagement coordinator completed the Social Services Competency Based certificate program.
  • For children transitioning to kindergarten, the Head Start program offered joint parent/teacher conferences with Muckleshoot Tribal School (MTS) kindergarten teachers.
  • Hosted The Play Project Autism Intensive Workshop; two days of training for staff, parents and community members. This project was supported through quality improvement dollars from the Office of Head Start.

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