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Workshop & Training Funds
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May 24, 2023
May 24, 2023

Program Overview

Workshop and Training funds enroll Muckleshoot Tribal Members on a biennially basis (once every 2 years) to attend any educational and wellness workshops, conference, or training. The funding covers registration fees, travel expenses, lodging, per diem and shuttle fees, application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event for approval. Up to $1,800 per client.

Services Provided

Pre-Apprentice Carpentry Program (PACP)

The Muckleshoot Tribal College is in partnership with the Green River College to offer a pathway towards developing the foundations of becoming a Pre-Apprentice Carpenter. The PACP serves in a cohort model and credits count towards an Associate Arts Science (AAS) in Carpenter Technology. Upon graduating, students may be fast-tracked into the Carpenter’s Union as one route to becoming an Apprentice Carpenter.

Summer and Fall Quarter

This Summer and Fall, the students took Indus 108: “An Introduction to Construction Trades,” Carp 162, “Stair Design and Construction” and Indus 101, “Basic Woodworking.” Cohort students were introduced to the trades of Carpentry, Plumbing, and Electrical, to give students a “foundational knowledge of the day-to-day tasks each tradesperson may perform.” The Stair Design and Construction teaches the proper requirements for following the International Building Code, common stair calculations and layout, and installation practices. Basic woodworking teaches safe power and hand tool usage, and the assembling, joining, fastening, and finishing of a wood project.

Essential Learning Outcomes

  1. Read a tape measurer to the 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 of an inch.
  2. Determine total rise, unit run, total run, stringer pitch and length, and stairwell opening.
  3. Build a set of straight-run stairs that meet or exceed building code requirements.
  4. Identify, label, and list the uses of inventoried hand and power tools with no less than 75% accuracy.

Career and Technical Education

The Cedar Tree Project (CTP) provides education and career skills to the Muckleshoot community. CTP provides various Computer Science and Cinematography Certificates for students to increase their employability skills. The Cedar Tree Program provides students with a seamless pathway to further education and careers in high-demand fields such as Computer Science and Information Technology, Natural resources, and Cinematography.

In pursuit of this, the Tribal College offers pathways for:

  • Native Leadership Program: The Native Leadership Program develops STEM Industry leaders in wide fields ranging from Environmental Science to Cultural Preservation.
  • Natural Resources Program: Learn from both Tribal and GRC Natural Resources instructors for a holistic and cultural approach to managing your natural resources.
  • Filmmaking Foundations: Prepares students to develop the foundations of digital filmmaking and multimedia production.
  • Web Development Foundation: Provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a fully functional website.
  • Microsoft Office, Basic & Intermediate: The Office Basic and Intermediate classes help students to learn the software features and their applications in an office environment using the Microsoft Office Professional Suite.

Student Statistics

  • Native Leadership: 30 Students (Muckleshoot & Community)
  • Natural Resources: 4 Students (2 Muckleshoot)
  • Filmmaking Foundations: 3 Students (3 Muckleshoot)
  • Web Development Foundations: 10 Students (6 Muckleshoot)
  • Microsoft Office: 31 Students (Muckleshoot & Community)
  • Microsoft Office Intermediate: 5 Students (4 Muckleshoot)

Early College Program 2023

The Early College Program (ECP) was developed to offer additional educational opportunities for our Muckleshoot high school students. Students are awarded both high school credit and college credit upon successful completion of classes. To ensure our students received college credit, we collaborated with Northwest Indian College (NWIC). Our partnership allowed us to offer four courses: (1) English 098: Foundations of Academic Writing II; (2) English 100:Foundations of Composition; (3) Drama 210: Introduction to Cinema; and (4) Native Studies 188: Native Language & Culture. All courses were taught at Muckleshoot Tribal College. The program ran from July 7th through August 17th from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

We had great academic success in the summer of 2022. Illuminated below, we see the rigor of their success in their grades. There were ten (10) students who registered for both a Drama and English courses. We urge you to draw attention to the following: Ninety-five percent (19/20 of our students received a letter grade of an A or a B. We raise our hands to our youth.

We conclude with an image that brings together many of the stakeholders of the Early College Program—ECP students, CCEOP, Scholarships, and the Muckleshoot Tribal College staff. This image was taken during an academic tour of the University of Washington Tacoma.

During our time, we learned about the rich history of the campus, as well as the university as whole. We explored conversations about different disciplines of study to where the best place to eat near campus for a student. Weaving together experiences like UW-Tacoma and in-class exploratory question, we see that these are our future scholars.

Certified Nursing Assistant Program

In 2020 a Certified Nursing Assistant Program was started between Renton Technical College and Muckleshoot Tribal College. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), was developed between Renton Technical College and Muckleshoot Indian Tribe/Muckleshoot Tribal College. Muckleshoot Leadership provided funds to begin training Muckleshoot Tribal members, and, Community members in the field of nursing. A partnership was also established between Muckleshoot Elders in Home Care Services (MEHEISS) and Muckleshoot Tribal College. Employees from MEHEISS were encouraged to participate in this program. Two Cohorts participated with a total of 14 students completing the program.

Parish, aka Supaman, 2022 Career Day Keynote Speaker

Career Day

Career Day for Native Youth is a motivational and educational experience designed to engage attendees in planning for post-high school college and career goals. Although it’s content and format have evolved over the years, the basic concept of engaging Native students is the core of this event.

We were excited to bring back an in-person Career Day in May. This event was held at the new Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (MIT) Events Center. This was a team effort on the part of the Adult & Higher Education Staff to spearhead this event. Departments from across the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe were in attendance. The event featured a keynote from SupaMan, who combined Apsaalooke dancing, hip hop, comedy, in a message of empowerment to all in attendance.

Effective Teaching Institute

The Effective Teaching Institute for Native learners originated with Dr. Willard Bill, Sr. and Mr. Jim Egawa in the 1980’s. Although it’s content and format have evolved over the years, the basic concept of engaging in effective practices for Native students is the core of this work. We were excited to bring back the 2nd Annual Effective Teaching Institute in June. This event was held at the new Muckleshoot Indian Tribe(MIT) Events Center. This was a team effort on the part of the Adult & Higher Education Staff to spearhead this event. The coordinators of this Institute were: Dr. Denise Bill, Madrienne White, and Justine Koble. This institute shared cultural insights, examples, models, and hands-on experiences for those looking to strengthen ways to work with Native students. This Institute was geared to teachers, professors, and administrators.

Eligibility for Services

Outlook for 2023

The Workshop & Training Program will work on ways to provide small on-site workshops and training.

Highlights of 2022

General 2022 Highlights

  • Gathered medicinal medicines
  • Weaving Classes
  • Meetings discussing history
  • Funded a Tribal consultant to teach College and Career
  • Education Opportunity (CCEOP) participants
  • Funded a group of 24 to attend NNABA No Frills hosted by Culture department.
  • Provided Cedar to College and Career Education Opportunity Program (CCEOP)
  • Open classes for Tribal or community members for ongoing projects for canoe hosting.

Student Success, Summer & Fall (In Progress)

  • Students Enrolled: 9
  • Students Graduated: 7
  • Muckleshoot’s: 8
  • Community: 1

2022 Career Day Highlights

  • Over 300 Native Youth in attendance.
  • 24 vendors from higher education, institutions, Tribal government departments, to community-based organizations.
  • Three workshops for youth to learn and experience.
  • Native Youth Senior Panel with youth from representation from four different native nations.

2022 Effective Teaching Institute Highlights

  • Approximately 130 educators attended in-person, virtually, and/or a combination of both.
  • Over 14 school districts, Tribal nations, and/or educational institutions were in attendance.
  • Muckleshoot History, Language, and Culture presentations and interactive activities.
  • Modeling of best practices for developing and sustaining Tribal and district partnerships.
  • Culturally relevant curriculum resource sharing.
  • First Food Sovereignty Symposium.
  • Second interactive land-based educational experience.

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