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Muckleshoot Intergovernmental Affairs

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May 16, 2024

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About Muckleshoot Intergovernmental Affairs

The Intergovernmental Affairs Department works to support and advance the Muckleshoot Tribal Council's federal, state, and local government legislative agendas. Our team strives to develop and maintain strong and productive government-to-government relationships between our Tribal government and state, local and federal governments, and agencies, and preserving the important protocols of tribal consultation, effective partnerships and relationships that benefit not only the tribe but our state and local community as well.

Our office also administers the tribe's public relations program, which is in the process of carrying out a very extensive “We Are Muckleshoot” campaign to educate the people of the greater Seattle area about the historic role of our ancestors as the original people of this region, including Seattle. This multi-faceted campaign, which includes television, billboards and a strong on-line presence has been highly successful. Our followup research indicates that the general public now has a much greater understanding of the Muckleshoot Tribe and our pivotal role in the region.

Administering the Muckleshoot charitable donations program in support of the charity committee is another of our important responsibilities. We make funding recommendations and provide quarterly reports to the committee. Each year the committee makes hundreds of charity fund contributions to local non-profit organizations and educational institutions.