July 2023 (Section I)

Vol. XXIV, No. 4
Muckleshoot indian reservation, wash.
July 2023
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Muckleshoot Canoe Journey Hosting 2023: Honoring Our Warriors Past & Present

Come feed your Indian and get your medicine!

By Salena Jackson

The big day is almost here! Our very first Canoe Journey since before COVID! On July 30th, around 100 canoes will be landing at Alki Beach in Seattle as Muckleshoot hosts the Inter-Tribal Canoe Journey for the first time since 2006! We are honored and excited and wish to ensure our guests have the proper information before arriving, so here are a few things to know:


Muckleshoot Transportation will have charter buses going back and forth from Muckleshoot to Alki on July 30th from 9AM to 9PM. We will also have golf cart shuttles throughout the whole week transporting people from camp sites, RV sites and parking lots to the community center. Muckleshoot Tribal Transit will be running its regular route and, as always, is free to all riders. Route times and destinations can be found at

Parking at Alki:

We have designated parking in Seattle for this event at the Port of Seattle (2949 SW Florida St., Seattle, WA) and will have shuttles going back and forth to transport people to Alki Beach. As there will be no parking at Alki Beach, it will be designated for charter buses only.

At Muckleshoot:

Camping sites will be available at the Muckleshoot Powwow Grounds and we have partnered

with numerous hotels in Auburn. We also have a designated area for RV Parking. Although they will not have access to electricity, there is room for approximately 200 RV’s that will be located behind Fire Station 96 (17920 SE 400th St).

July 30 Dinner:

As everyone gets settled into their camping spots/hotels, Dinner on July 30th will be from 5-6:30PM at the brand-new Muckleshoot Community Center. Protocol: Protocol is where we get our medicine! Each Tribe will have their own time on the floor to share their own songs and dances with everyone in attendance. Some tribes will have their sacred masks present and will ask for no pictures or recordings during certain songs. I was taught these are the type of songs and dances where it is a blessing to be able to witness, but making recordings is not allowed!

Some Tribes have fun songs where they go grab someone they don’t know from the audience to participate, some songs will be challenge songs for all kids to have fun and participate in – every tribe is different and have different styles of songs.

Protocol will start on Monday July 31st at 9AM and will continue around the clock (24 hours) for the rest of the week, starting with the tribe who traveled the furthest and working its way to the Host Tribe. Muckleshoot is planning to start Protocol on August 6th at 9AM.

All the Work!

This past year has been a heartwarming sight to see, to see our tribe pull together and pitch in wherever they can to ensure everything is done in time for us to host this grand event! All of the time, sweat, energy and prayers put into regalia, giveaway items, song, dance and canoe practice. We are so proud and grateful to have such a helpful and willing community! We couldn’t have done it without you!

We are so excited to host this amazing event for all of our people! Tribes will travel from all over Washington, Oregon, Canada, Alaska, New York, Hawaii and sometimes our New Zealand/Maori friends! We would like to put our hands up to anyone and everyone who has contributed their time and effort into Tribal Canoe Journeys 2023 Paddle to Muckleshoot, Honoring Out Warriors. Come feed your Indian and get your medicine!

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Vol. XXIV, No. 4

July 2023 (Section I)

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