February 2023 (Section II)

Vol. XXIV, No. 1
Muckleshoot indian reservation, wash.
February 2023
Health & Wellness

Welcome the New Faces of MindCare and BHP

Left to Right: April Brown-Marter; Ashleigh Kilgore; Jeffrey A. Plancich, MA, LMHC

April Brown-Marter: MindCare Receptionist

"Hello for those who have not met me yet; my name is April by the time you read this I will be a married woman, with a new last name. I am the receptionist for theMindCare Clinic. I'm a Muckleshoot Tribal member, my mother is Connie James of Muckleshoot and my father passed away, his name was Doug Brown from Yakima. I am also a mother of 4 wonderful kids. I was a student for a time and I received my Associates degree from NWIC, then transferred to UWT, but quickly found out day classes are not an “Adult Learning Environment” so school is on hold for now. Environmental concerns are still a passion that I cannot put out; wanting to find ways to be more resourceful with what we consume is something I worry about. I also do not participate in any holidays, there is not a spiritual reason, but a shameful one. Shame on me for knowing more about how the holidays are honored, but do not know my own language and culture. Now I read more about Indigenous teaching methods and ways of thinking. I am still working on the shame of having to be taught my own language at my age, but Im sure the language program will be around to help me. I use to be a client of the MindCare clinic and I believe it is a safe calming place where people like me can develop new neuro-pathways to help improve the nervous system, bring down the anxieties that build up, and become better equipped to handle life. I owe my new way of thinking and feeling to my mental health therapist, Tina, and the MindCare Clinic."

Ashleigh Kilgore: MindCare Technician

"My name is Ashleigh Kilgore and I’m the new Mindcare Specialist at the Mindcare clinic/Health and wellness center. I attended college at Cal Poly Humboldt and graduated with degrees in botanyand cellular molecular biology. Previously, I worked as a neurophysiologist in the San Francisco/bay area and this past year I have been teaching/coaching at the Muckleshoot tribal school. I am excited to continue working with the community and to expand my knowledge of the Muckleshoot tribe as well as learning from tribal members and my peers. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to getting to know the people in the community."

Jeffrey A. Plancich,MA, LMHC: BHP Mental Health Therapist

"I was born and raised in Tacoma as the middle of five children. Croatian (originally Yugoslavia) upbringing on my father’s side and I was taught the values of working hard and earning everything you achieve. I love fishing, sports and recently picked up golf as a family activity. I am a graduate of Washington State University (1989)and City University (2006)and obtained my mental health counselor license in 2010. I have worked in behavioral health for more than 30 years and have worked in both King and Pierce County over my career. I am excited and honored to join the adult behavioral health team here.My counseling approach is focused on helping individuals reach their potential through a collaborative process. We accomplish this together through the belief that people have the skills and abilities to change and overcome life’s challenges. We will work together to identify your strengths and resources. Counseling, in my opinion, is about finding what is working and deepening your skills to increase your health, well-being, happiness, and recovery. My approach is person-centered which means recovery and wellness is defined by your unique goals and your definition of success."

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Vol. XXIV, No. 1

February 2023 (Section II)

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