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Finance Department
Page last updated:
July 20, 2023
10:19 am

Muckleshoot Finance Building

39015-C 172nd Ave SE 

Auburn, WA 98092


Department Overview

The Tribal Finance Department provides accounting and finance services to all programs in the Tribal Government.

Services Provided

  • Accounting Services – Payroll, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Tax Forms, Banking, General Ledger and Cash Receipts.
  • Budget – Coordinates the preparation of the annual budget and monitors budget compliance.
  • Grant Development – Provides guidance to program personnel regarding development of new grantsand renewals of existing grants.
  • Grant Administration and Compliance – Processes grants, contracts and related budget activity forthe Tribe and determines grant compliance for audit purposes.
  • Tribal Member Payments – Processes all Per Capita and Senior Assistance payments.
  • Minors' Trust – Coordinates with the Plan Trustee to manage contributions, distributions and reporting.
  • Financial Audit – Provide all required information to external auditors for the annual audit of the Tribal Government.

Outlook for 2023

  • COVID-19 – Finance expects grant funds to decrease from 2021 and 2022 levels due to the high amount of Covid-19 funding in those years. We are monitoring all expenses and obtaining the necessary funding to meet the challenges of inflation. Finance will continue to work with the Tribal Council, management, funding agencies and investment advisors to make sure all service needs are being met.
  • Policies – Continue the multi-year process of reviewing and updating all processes, procedures and documents within the department. Will implement new software accounting guidelines as required by law.Grants – Continue to expand grant development efforts to increase funding levels.
  • General Welfare – Develop a benefit guide for Tribal Members outlining all Tribal benefits and documenting the requirements of the General Welfare designation.
  • Customer Service – Provide for continual improvements for customer service.

Highlights of 2022

  • Covid-19 – The Tribe successfully completed the CARES Act and ARPA funding in accordance with grant agency guidelines. The Tribal Council authorized numerous assistance payments to support Tribal Members through the pandemic and the subsequent economic challenges. Grant funding is reduced from 2021, but is still at twice the 2019 levels.
  • Policies – Continued the multi-year process of reviewing and updating all processes, procedures and documents within the department. Much of this was suspended throughout the year due to the Covid-19 State of Emergency. We implemented new lease accounting guidelines as required by accounting regulations in 2022.
  • Audit – The annual audit was performed by an independent accounting firm who reviewed the financial statements of the Tribal Government to ensure that accepted accounting standards were followed, that proper internal controls were maintained and that the Tribe complied with applicable laws and regulations. The 2021 audit, which would have normally been completed by September 30, was delayed due to the pandemic and submitted on December 6, 2022. Auditors issued an opinion that the financial statements were fairly presented and followed acceptable accounting principles. Although The Tribe was prepared for the audit and completed all items in a timely manner, staffing shortages at the audit firm delayed the issuance until December. There were no findings on financial compliance or accounting.
  • Minors Trust – Quarterly meetings were held for Tribal Members with the Plan Trustee to provide minors with financial education.
  • Tax Services – Liberty tax provided on-site tax preparation services for Tribal Members. Adjustments were made for social distancing and deadlines were extended through the pandemic.
  • Grants – Obtained over 113 grants totaling over $137 million in grant funding, including over 30 Covid-19 related grants of over $55 million.

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