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July 31, 2023
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Muckleshoot Housing Authority

38037 158th Ave SE

Auburn, WA 98092


Mon 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Department Overview

The Muckleshoot Housing Authority provides housing and financial services to the community.

Services Provided

Muckleshoot Housing Authority Payments

Rental Housing

The Tribe manages 375 rental homes (including 18 Lifetime Estates) located within or near the Reservation. This program offers reasonable rent to Tribal member households based on family income.

Emergency Rental Housing Program

In response to the COVID Pandemic, the Federal Government has appropriated funding to assist low-income households with past due rent, past due utilities, current rent, current utilities and other housing stability services.

Housing Stabilization Program

Housing Stabilization Program is available to assist Tribal Members with securing rental opportunities with private landlords. This program specifically assists with the move-in fees including first month’s rent, security deposit, and last month’s rent if required at the time of move-in.

Housing Voucher Assistance

The Tribe offers Voucher assistance to eligible members. Participants receive a monthly rent subsidy paid directly to their landlord based on their household size and income.

Rental Bridge Program

Housing has a new program available to eligible Tribal Members to assist in obtaining rental opportunities in the private market. Due to high housing costs, some families do not meet the income requirements necessary to rent a place of their own. This program was developed to assist very low-income families by bridging the income and eligibility gap. Families approved for the program will receive a monthly subsidy to assist with rent to help reduce rent burden and house families.

Elder, Disabled, & Veteran Housing

New Construction

The Tribe provides for the construction of stick-built homes for eligible elder, disabled and Veteran members with qualifying land situations.

Mortgage Assistance

The Tribe provides funding for the pay down or payoff of eligible elder, disabled, and Veteran members current mortgages in lieu of new construction. The maximum payoff is based on the average costs incurred to build new construction homes.

Insurance Assistance

152 homeowners received assistance with obtaining and/or maintain Homeowners Insurance on their residence.

Grant Assistance for Down Payments, Repairs, and Home Improvements

The Tribe provides $90,000 in assistance for Tribal members to purchase and maintain their homes. These funds can be used for down payment on a new home or to make cost effective home improvements and renovations.

  • In 2022, Housing has completed 512 Grant projects.
  • In 2022, $2.5 million has been disbursed for Grant related homeownership projects. $786,655.13 of this amount was specifically for down payment assistance.

Tree Removal Program

The Tribe has a program to assist Tribal member homeowners with the removal of dangerous trees from their property. This assistance is paid directly to qualified third party vendors providing the removal service. This program assisted with 35 projects totaling $393,940.25 in assistance.

Fencing Assistance Program

The Tribe has developed a new program to assist Tribal member homeowners with the costs of installing fencing at their homes to improve safety. For a limited time, homeowners who had paid for past fence installations were eligible for reimbursement, if Grant funds were used, these costs were refunded into the individual’s fund for future projects. There are no geographical limitations and fencing is now funded independently from the Grant Assistance.

Property Tax Program

Tribal member homeowners can now receive property tax relief. The Tribe will now pay homeowner property taxes making homeownership even more affordable to members. Muckleshoot Home Loan borrowers are automatically enrolled in this program. Members who already own their homes, or are with lenders outside of the Tribe can apply for this tax relief program. There are no geographical restrictions.

Home Loan Program

The Tribe continues to offer 1% interest home loans to qualified Tribal members within a 30-mile radius of the former Tribal hall chimney (39015 172nd Ave. S.E., Auburn, WA 98092). Loan amounts are based on the applicant’s financial status and funding is available for the following activities:

  • Construction of new single-family housing on fee land, tribal land, or individual allotted Trust land.
  • Purchase of existing new or used stick-built or modular homes.
  • Refinancing of existing single-family homes occupied by the owner.
  • Rehabilitation and renovation of existing stick-built or modular homes.
  • Purchase of buildable lots or real property which must be used to construct a dwelling unit to be used as the borrower’s primary residence.
  • Equity loan for improving or renovating homes currently funded through the program.
  • In 2022, Housing processed 50 home loans, financing $22,082,297.00:
  • 24 New Home Purchase
  • 19 Home Equity Loans
  • 3 New Construction Loans
  • 4 Mortgage Refinance

Individual Development Account (IDA)

The IDA program is designed to build assets by saving towards a targeted amount to be used for home ownership, post-secondary education, transportation for employment, collection payoff, and pay down of existing auto loans.

Participants are required to open a savings account with an approved financial institution and make recurring monthly deposits for no less than six months. The funds are matched dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $5 to $1, depending on the guidelines of the specific program. Once participants have met their financial goal, funds are provided directly to the lending institution or creditor for purchase or down payment of the specific savings goal.

Tribal Credit Program

Muckleshoot Housing Authority’s Tribal Credit Program is designed to help Tribal members establish or repair their personal credit, consolidate and reduce existing debt balances, pay off debt balances with high interest rates, and purchase motor vehicles. The program aims to improve the social and economic status of the individual tribal members in the program. Loan types currently include:

Secured Loans

  • Maximum Loan Amount: $70,000
  • Uses: Automobile, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicle, Boat or other marine vessel.

Unsecured Loans

  • Maximum Loan Amount: $20,000
  • Uses: Debt Consolidation, Boat Repair, Auto Repair, Furniture, Other Goods and Services with Loan Committee Approval.

Combined Loans

  • Maximum Loan Amount: $90,000

Homebuyer Counseling and Training

Muckleshoot Housing Authority provides advice and counseling to tribal members who need assistance with new home purchases or loan refinancing. Housing continues to offer the Muckleshoot Money Skills for Life to the community. This full day education class touches on budgeting, credit, big ticket purchases, financial planning, investments, etc.

Housing also provides frequent Homebuyers Training and Understanding Your Credit Courses. Money Skills for Life has been offered for the past 10-years and served over 1,079 students and 1 dog.

Homelessness Supportive Housing

The Tribe is actively working on bringing a supportive housing community to assist unsheltered Members with housing and other supportive services. This program will serve members who otherwise may not qualify for rental or homeownership due to behavioral or mental health needs.

Outlook for 2023

Highlights of 2022

Rental Housing

  • Construction is underway for the Tribe’s new affordable housing community funded in part by $10 million in competitive Indian Housing Block Grant funds. This community will be the Tribe’s first Clean & Sober Community. The first phase features 30 affordable rental homes. Housing has started moving eligible families into available homes. Phase two features 28 affordable rental homes, and is currently under construction and will be available for occupancy in 2023. These homes will feature solar panels and built to net zero standards for health and affordability. Three of phase two homes are funded by Indian Housing Block Grant – American Rescue Plan.
  • ICDBG Rehab Project - Housing’s Indian Community Development Block Grant to renovate homes in Cedar Village concluded in 2022. Housing is upgrading flooring, cabinets, countertops, doors, windows, HVAC, appliances, roofing, siding, and entryways. This project also served as on the job training for select AWTP and casual labor pools.
  • Construction of 2 homes are currently under construction Allotment 8 – these homes are funded through special COVID relief and will house low-income families at affordable rents.
  • Housing started installation of Air Conditioning units in Greentree Condos.
  • Reconstruction of 4 units damaged by fire were completed in late 2022.
  • 34 move-ins have been completed this year.

Emergency Rental Housing Program

The Tribe provided the following assistance in 2021 and 2022:

  • Hotel Assistance - $791,559.43
  • Rent & Move-In Assistance - $952,955.44
  • Utility Assistance - $90,722.09
  • Administrative Supplies & Case Management Services - $241,925.79

Elder, Disabled, & Veteran Housing

  • 152 homeowners received assistance with obtaining and/or maintain Homeowners Insurance on their residence.

Overseen Programs & Services

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