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September 11, 2023
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Muckleshoot Human Resources

30915-K 172nd Ave SE

Auburn, WA 98092


Mon 8:00am - 5:00pm

Tue 8:00am - 5:00pm

Wed 8:00am - 5:00pm

Thu 8:00am - 5:00pm

Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm

Department Overview

Muckleshoot Human Resources promotes open and safe communication along with establishing long-lasting and successful relationships. Our daily focus is on making a positive difference in the community and providing value to the organization.  We accomplish this by delivering excellent service, proactively addressing needs and concerns, and providing strategic leadership.

Job Openings

Applications for permanent casual labor, full-time or part-time positions are available at the HR building or online.

Services Provided

Administrative Policies & Procedures

Available for consultation in regards to the application of the MIT Policies and Procedures.  The Human Resources Department is able to review new policies and/or procedures. Development or refining of human resources programs, systems and procedures.  Gathers, researches, analyses, and prepares data for studies and reports; drafts reports, charts and statistics as necessary.

Employee Relations

Consultation, guidance and advice to all levels of management and employees with regard to employment relationship, including employment practices/laws, progressive disciplinary/termination procedures, performance management, legal requirements, conduct and conflict impacting Tribal Administration.

Selection & Staffing

Performs recruiting, screening, testing and selection functions to fill vacancies.  Ensures all documentation and background checks are complete prior to candidate being hired into position.  Write advertisements and other recruiting documents.  Collaborate on staffing strategy development, work planning and resource allocation.

Organizational Development

Change in the workplace involving systems and/or processes.  The Human Resources function can monitor changes and initiatives that affect the Tribe as a whole.  Develops, implements and administers the employee evaluation system; assists in resolving employee performance problems; provides counseling to employees and supervisors regarding work performance problems, education and training, and career development.  Assists departments in developing their short and long range organizational structures and related strategic staffing plans; maintains current organization charts and staffing spreadsheets for each division.

Training & Development

Management, coordination and implementation of all aspects of training and development programs within Tribal Administration, including needs assessment, program creation and delivery, team facilitation and identification, contracting and management of outside providers. Create, design and deliver training programs to management and employees within Tribal Administration, including design and development of training materials, within planned budgets and deadlines.

Human Resources Information Systems

Records employee information such as personal data, hire date, compensation, benefits, tax data, performance reviews or evaluations, and termination date and reason; inputs into databases. Maintains databases and spreadsheets for necessary personnel records and management reports.  Monitors, maintains, modifies and resolves problems in Human Resources data and systems

Compensation Design

Performs desk or field audits for classification or reclassification purposes.  Drafts classification specifications and job descriptions based on research and identified criteria.  Provides for and maintains equitable classification and compensation programs by supervising the preparation of classification specifications, obtaining external salary information and maintaining the integrity of the classification and compensation plan.

Benefits Administration

Performs all aspects benefits administration to include but not limited to 401k, pension, Section 125 administration, COBRA, open enrollment, benefit plan design, short-term disability, long term disability, customer service, and usage/participation tracking.


All tribal members 17 and over are welcome to apply to open positions.  Tribal members under the age of 17 interested in working full-time for the Tribe should contact Muckleshoot Youth Services.

Outlook for 2023

  • Continue implementing new work practices including telecommuting, digital work flows, and digital forms management.
  • Continue to recruit and hire for positions approved to be filled in 2023.
  • Implement a digital filing process and file storage solution.
  • Continue to work with the Work-to-Wellness and Adult Work Training Programs to provide job readiness skills, vocational experience/training, and job opportunities for participants.
  • Continue with assisting in the ongoing program administration of the Career Development Program and Executive Management Training Program.
  • Continue with implementation of the Tribal Access Program (TAP) allowing HR to directly provide fingerprint background checks.
  • Implement a new wellness program to MIT Employees.
  • Continue with Implementation and training of Admin/Barista Software. This software allows for greater communication and information retrieval for MIT management and Employees.
  • Continue with implementation and train management on use of JDXpert software (job description/classification software with compensation surveys/market data). This software allows greater usability, transparency and utility for managers.
  • Continue with implementation of the ROW Grant Program offering job training and placement assistance including child care and elder care but with a renewed emphasis on Peer Support/Recovery Coach related positions and activities.
  • Continue with implementation and build out of the BOW Grant Program to include staffing, program development and placement tasks.
  • Continue with implementation of an employee reward/recognition program (OC Tanner and Employee Gatherings).
  • Resume HR Training classes for MIT management to include: Recruiting Benefits/Leave Training,
  • Employee Relations, Compensation/Performance Management, etc.

Highlights of 2022

  • Continued the transition to a more modernized workplace allowing for some telecommuting options that coincides with greater ability to work using software and tools allowing for remote work.
  • Continued to hire for a larger number of positions as the Tribe has grown in workforce numbers.
  • HR successfully implemented and released Admin/Barista Software. This software allows for greater communication and information retrieval for MIT management and Employees.
  • HR successfully implemented JDXpert software (job description/classification software with compensation surveys/market data). This software allows greater usability, transparency and utility for managers. This software replaces using MS Word as the primary tool for creating and managing MIT job descriptions.
  • The Tribe was awarded the BOW Grant which will help with Tribal Member professional/career development while also providing for greater workforce placement opportunities.
  • HR/ROW staff successfully navigated another year of the ROW Program with job placements successfully beginning in 2022.

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