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Public Works
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July 20, 2023
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Public Works Operation
40228 Auburn Enumclaw Rd SE
Auburn, WA 98092


Department Overview

Public Works provides the following services to the Tribal government as well as to individual Tribal members:

  • MIT Solid Waste / Transfer Station
  • Firewood
  • MIT Water Utility District 
  • MIT Sanitary Sewer and Storm Utility District
  • MIT Engineering


Emergency Phone # (24/7): 253-876-3030

Public Works Operation
40228 Auburn Enumclaw Rd SE
Auburn, WA 98092
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Solid Waste Transfer Station
17613 SE 400th St
Auburn, WA 98092
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Administration & Water Treatment Plant
176th Ln SE
Auburn, WA 98092
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Services Provided

Solid Waste

  • Curb side garbage and recycle pickup for all Tribal members’ homes within the MIT Utility District Service Area.
  • Provide solid waste and recycling services to all Tribal government building including Casino, Smoke Shop and Bingo Hall.
  • 252 garbage cans picked up weekly 
  • 356 recycle cans picked up weekly
  • 34 government buildings picked up weekly
  • Casino compactor’s X-2 picked up and emptied weekly and 40-yard dumpster emptied every week 
  • Big Nation Station compactor emptied every week
  • Bingo Hall compactor emptied every week 
  • 40-yard dumpster in the yard scrap metal brought in every 2 weeks 0.74 tons 
  • 14-yard dumpster full of electronics, TVs, refrigerators, microwaves brought in every 2 weeks 
  • 24-dumpsters delivered and picked up weekly for tribal member homes 


  • Provide all Tribal members home with firewood collected from the Tribal Forest Lands, City Water Sheds and National Forest Land. Logs are processed at Public Works yard.
  • Deliver processed firewood to all Tribal homes within the 30-miles radius of Tribal chimney. Firewood is stacked and stored.
  • Wood brought down from the hills 390 self-loader loads
  • Number of cords processed 900
  • Number of cords delivered 800

Muckleshoot Utility District - Water

  • Operate and maintain the Tribally owned and operated drinking water wells, MIT Water Treatment Plant, and maintain miles of distribution water lines throughout the reservation.
  • Water main annual flushing, including the exercising of all valves, and hydrants from the water tower working outwards to 416th, down to 368th 
  • Routine maintenance and repair of the MIT water system, both daily and emergency
  • Fire hydrant maintenance- cleaning, repairing, and repainting
  • Testing and repair of backflow prevention devices on the MIT water system
  • Utility Locates- for private contractors as well as ongoing projects by MIT

Muckleshoot Utility District - Sanitary Sewer and Storm

  • Operate and maintain the MIT owned sewage collection system that is transferred to the King County Metro Waste Water Treatment Plant in Renton.
  • MIT sewer main flushing.
  • MIT sewer lift station maintenance-including pump repair and replacement
  • Complete, track, and invoice incoming King County capacity charge forms and requests
  • Inventory of MIT government and residential water, and sewer hookups for quarterly reports-including monthly water meter readings
  • MIT storm structure cleaning on need basis
  • Provide Utility Locate Service for private contractors as well as ongoing projects by MIT


  • Provide engineering design review for Tribal infrastructure projects, new developments, and new residential construction
  • Provide material review, inspection and QA/QC for Tribal infrastructure projects, new developments, and new residential construction
  • Continual work on the new water Well #5 – Hydrogeological Feasibility Report completed in 2022
  • Worked with the Tribal Grant Team and Planning Department to submit NOFO and Congressional Grants for Well #5 construction and future WTP capacity expansion 
  • Ensure that water system sampling and reporting met all EPA requirements
  • Conducted repairs of the chlorine generation system at the WTP 
  • Conducted repairs of the piping for the filtration unit at the WTP   
  • Installed floor sensing equipment at the WTP for flood prevention
  • Conducted repairs at the main well #4 and purchased new well equipment to increase future reliability
  • Collaborate with IHS on the Scatter Site Program to provide services to Tribal Members
  • Calculate budged items and procure contracts for vital services 

Photo by Sharon Hamilton.

Outlook for 2023

Highlights of 2022

New Water Well

The new water Well #5 design work has been progressing. The new well is necessary in order to keep up with the Tribe’s growth. The new well will also add redundancy and reliability to the Tribe’s water system.

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