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Department Overview

The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe believes:

  • Clearly defined performance expectations promote success of all students as individuals.
  • All students can learn and reach their potential with encouragement and support.
  • Schools and the community should work together to provide students with positive re- enforcement to encourage attainment of individual educational goals.

Tribal members who meet the eligibility requirements will be supported to the greatest extent possible by the Tribe. Recognition is intended to be in the form of financial as well as non-financial rewards and Incentives to encourage tribal members to achieve the greatest success possible in their Pre-K through 12 education.

This Program reflects lessons learned from other governments which have recognized that financial rewards make a difference in retention and completion success rates for students.*

*See, State of Texas-Arlington School District (High School Completion Program); United States, Department of Education (Youth Build Grant Program which allows for stipends to be provided to youth in program who remain in school); City of New York- New York Public Schools (combination of city and private funds pay students enrolled in incentive program who remain in school); and State of New Mexico (provides increasingly larger tuition forgiveness plan for state colleges and universities for each year in high school that students enrolled in the special program meet the benchmarks of the program).

Services Provided

Attendance Reward

  • Incentive for those students who do not miss a full day of school.
  • Reward incentives periods for attendance are both Monthly and Quarterly.
  • Must provide a copy of the school attendance record for one month or one quarter as appropriate for recognition.

Honors Reward

  • Incentive for students who’s GPA is 3.0 or above.
  • Reward incentives periods for Honor Roll is Quarterly and Yearly.
  • Must submit a copy of the grade report or card for the period for which honors is being claimed.

Succeeding in School Reward

  • Incentive for students who received recognition from their school. ( Examples are a letter or certificate from the teacher or other school official).
  • Succeeding in School can be utilized 10 times per school year.
  • Student must be nominated by a teacher, counselor or principal at the school at which the student is enrolled.
  • Must submit letter or certificate

School Letter Achievement

  • Letterman's Jacket
  • A copy of the award/recognition certificate

School Persistence Incentive

  • Incentive for students who successfully completed the 10th or 11th grade by obtaining all credits necessary.
  • Must provide proof of completion of 10th or 11th grade
  • Obtained all credits needed

Special Occasion

  • Incentive for students to attend a school dance.
  • Must provide proof of event

Graduation Incentive

  • Incentive for graduating Kindergarten, Fifth Grade, Eighth Grade, and Twelfth Grade
  • Graduation Incentive applies to graduating Kindergarten, Fifth Grade, Eighth Grade, and Twelfth Grade.
  • Must be scheduled to graduate (or receive certificate of completion) or be promoted from one of the following grades. School official signature is required for verification of anticipated graduation or promotion.

High School Graduation Supplies

Graduating high school seniors are authorized a total award of up to $1000.00 to cover the cost of certain high school graduation expenses. In order to use this incentive, the application must include a receipt for the payment of the item being claimed, in which case a reimbursement check will be provided to the individual who made the payment. A vendor’s invoice for the cost of the item may also be submitted, in which case a check will be made out to the vendor for the purchase of the item. The following items may be purchased through this incentive.

  • Cap, Gown, and tassel
  • Class Ring
  • Senior Pictures
  • Clothing for Graduation Day
  • Graduation Announcements

Senior Trip

the graduate is also eligible for a Senior Trip which does not expire. The total amount of the trip incentive is not to exceed $6,282.00** which may be used for any of the following:

  • Two round trip transportation tickets (for the graduate and a guest)
  • One week hotel accommodations for the graduate
  • One week per diem for the graduate
  • Events, attractions, and activities

** Graduations Trips are now $6,282 and there is no time frame required to take the trip.

Clothing Voucher Program

  • The Clothing Program will provide up to $400 twice a year, to Tribally enrolled Muckleshoot students
  • Must be a enrolled Muckleshoot Tribal Member at the time of the distribution
  • Must be 21 years of age and under
  • Parent/Guardian or Student 18 years or older (or 16 years or older if an emancipated minor) certifies the Student is enrolled in Birth to Three, Headstart, MCDC, primary school, secondary school, or is being home schooled.

Key Dates & Deadlines

  • Applications for Student Incentives: September 1 - three months into the following school year. Applications for Student Incentives can be accepted for academic recognition for items that happened within that academic year. Student Incentives can only be authorized to be awarded in the academic year in which they are earned and may not be awarded for academic achievements in prior years.
  • Clothing Vouchers for Spring Clothing Distribution: January 2- February 28
  • Clothing Vouchers for Fall Clothing Distribution: August 1 - September 30

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