Tribal Government Departments
Tomanamus Forest
Page last updated:
January 29, 2024
11:25 am
Program Lead(s)
Nathaniel Hayden

Tomanamus Forest Administration Office
10305 196th St Ct E
Orting, WA 98338 


Department Overview

The Tomanamus Forest is 104,999 acres owned by the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (MIT) in King, Pierce, and Lewis counties. The property operates as a working, sustainable forest as well as providing educational, career, and recreational opportunities for Muckleshoot members.

Tomanamus Community Day, 2023

Services Provided

Muckleshoot Federal Corporation is managed through a collaborative effort between Muckleshoot Tribal Council, Manulife Investment Management, MIT Wildlife, MIT Fisheries, and other MIT departments to meet property management objectives.

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